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2017 Charity Application Deadline Extended to March 17

The response to the new Combined Federal Campaign application system has been tremendous and the Office of CFC continues to offer organizations training on the use of the new system and on newly revised CFC regulations, which came into effect on January 1, 2017.  In addition, there has been some misunderstanding among charities about the new application process.  Therefore, in an effort to clarify the process and to offer every opportunity to nonprofit organizations seeking to participate in this outstanding program, the OPM Acting Director extended the application deadline through March 17, 2017...


2017 CFC Training Presentations

Here are the Presentations from the 2017 CFC Training in San Antonio, TX. 

In addition to theChris Jarvis presentation on the "Power of Employee Volunteering," two fliers on a follow-up course he is offering.  Empathy in Motion: The Power of Employee Volunteering, offers a perspective on the power of volunteering that goes beyond the traditional, transactional model. It teaches learners about changing hearts and minds and then offers practical guidance on how to turn their knowledge into action.


LFCC Advisors Network

LFCC members are invited to join a select group of Federal leaders actively involved in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Advisors Network. This program matches individual "Advisors" experienced in CFC management with others in the network who are newer to the campaign and/or are seeking guidance on campaign management issues.



myPay logo

The Fall 2015 campaign marks the third campaign that the Department of Defense will utilize a special CFC module in the myPay system.  This module allows military and civilian personnel in the Department of Defense (DoD) and other Federal customers of the Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS) to establish a CFC allotment within the “open season.”   Open season is expected to commence on 8 SEP with the final database. 


Managing the Workplace Campaign

Tasks in this category emphasize your role as steward of one of the nation’s leading giving campaigns. CFC campaigns are intended to be inclusive and to provide every eligible Federal worker with an opportunity to participate. It is important to remember that, as Chair of the LFCC, you are responsible for CFC at every Federal worksite within your campaign’s geographical area – not just at the agency at which you are employed.


Leadership and Committee Structure

There is considerable variation in the length of tenure that LFCC Chairs serve. It is highly desirable to preserve institutional memory and stability within a campaign. So, it is useful to recruit one or two LFCC Vice-Chairs to serve each year. This structure provides for additional assistance in handling the management of the campaign and allows for effective leadership succession, when needed. Similarly, it is desirable for an LFCC Chair to continue as an LFCC member for at least one year after your tenure as Chair is over.


Evaluation of Applications for CFC Participation

The selection of local charities to participate in CFC campaigns is a function reserved for the LFCC. A campaign’s PCFO may be an effective facilitator to assist in processing local applications, but no PCFO may actually approve or recommend approval of any charity’s application. If desired, it is permissible for PCFOs to receive applications, check them for completeness and package them for LFCC review. The PCFO may also prepare and mail letters signed by an LFCC representative notifying a charity of the action taken (approval/disapproval) in response its application.



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