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2017 Charity Application Deadline Extended to March 17

The response to the new Combined Federal Campaign application system has been tremendous and the Office of CFC continues to offer organizations training on the use of the new system and on newly revised CFC regulations, which came into effect on January 1, 2017.  In addition, there has been some misunderstanding among charities about the new application process.  Therefore, in an effort to clarify the process and to offer every opportunity to nonprofit organizations seeking to participate in this outstanding program, the OPM Acting Director extended the application deadline through March 17, 2017...


Agency Recognition

It is important to reward and recognize campaign successes. Traditionally, we measure success in three ways: dollars raised, percent participation, and percent payroll deduction. An award structure should stimulate and motivate agencies to conduct results-oriented campaigns in these three dimensions. It is also important to recognize accounts that exceed the average gift and accounts that exceed the increase in goal over the previous year. Other awards that target leadership giving or well-run campaigns can also be established.



Q. If a charitable organization lists with a federation during a campaign, is that federation required to complete the cycle of distribution? If the charitable organization signs up with another federation can the new federation take over distribution payments before the cycle ends?


CFC Donations

Q. What Are The Costs Of The Campaign?
A. Historically, campaign costs nation-wide have averaged ten percent. These funds were spent on printing materials, training volunteers, auditing contributions, and other administrative expenses. All local campaign costs are reviewed and approved by the LFCC governing the local campaign. On average, this cost is low compared with other fundraising campaigns; therefore, every dollar you pledge goes a very long way toward helping others.

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