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Agency Recognition

It is important to reward and recognize campaign successes. Traditionally, we measure success in three ways: dollars raised, percent participation, and percent payroll deduction. An award structure should stimulate and motivate agencies to conduct results-oriented campaigns in these three dimensions. It is also important to recognize accounts that exceed the average gift and accounts that exceed the increase in goal over the previous year. Other awards that target leadership giving or well-run campaigns can also be established.

The following is an example of an award structure that recognizes and rewards results-oriented campaign successes:

Eagle Share Potential Award - dividing the actual dollars raised by the Eagle Share potential [0.006 X Average Salary X Number of Employees] results in a percent of the Share potential achieved. Certificates will be awarded to agencies at the following levels:

Platinum Certificate 91-100%
Gold Certificate 71-90%
Silver Certificate 50-70%
Eagle Club Award- to be eligible for this award, agencies must achieve at least the campaign average for percent payroll deduction. Eagle statues and stars will be awarded for participation rates [total givers divided by total employees] as follows:

Gold Star 85% participation
Silver Star 75-85% participation
Bronze Star

65-74% participation
Traveling Chair Award can be given to agencies that run a model campaign defined as follows:

Executive level endorsement
Organized labor involvement
Goal setting based on Eagle Share potential
Organization and training of volunteers
Employee briefings and 100% ask
Publicity, education. fun
Thank you program
Loaned Executives can make nominations, and the Chair can award plaques in the following categories:

Agencies with fewer than 1 00 employees
Agencies with between 1 00 and 350 employees
Agencies with greater than 350 employees
Accounts achieving greater than the average dollar gift and accounts raising dollars greater than the increase in goal over the previous year will be recognized by having their names listed in rank order in the CFC Awards Program.