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CFC Donations

Q. What Are The Costs Of The Campaign?
A. Historically, campaign costs nation-wide have averaged ten percent. These funds were spent on printing materials, training volunteers, auditing contributions, and other administrative expenses. All local campaign costs are reviewed and approved by the LFCC governing the local campaign. On average, this cost is low compared with other fundraising campaigns; therefore, every dollar you pledge goes a very long way toward helping others.

Q. Many donors only contribute 1 dollar per pay period. Has OPM considered a nationwide pledge minimum of 2, 3, or 5 dollars to increase revenue?
A. 5 CFR Part 950.901(e)(1) states, "The minimum amount of the allotment will be determined by the LFCC but will not be less than $1 per payday, with no restriction in the size of the increment above that minimum." OPM does not plan to change the regulatory minimum since the LFCC can determine its own minimum for their specific CFC.

Q. Can a federal employee donate to a local charitable organization in a neighboring CFC campaign area?
A. No. As stated in 5 CFR 950.103(h), a federal employee may participate in a particular CFC only if that employee's official duty station is located within the geographic boundaries of that CFC. Campaign boundaries are strictly determined and approved by OPM. See Campaign Locator.

Q. Can CFC donors who give above a certain level be listed in a PCFO publication or recognition ceremony? Does the campaign have to get permission from all of the donors? Is it a breach of confidentiality?
A. Recognition of employees who give above a certain level is permitted at CFC-related awards ceremonies, with the donor's permission. If the donor pledged to the PCFO, as a charitable organization, specifically and authorized his/her name release on the pledge form, the PCFO may list the name in a PCFO publication with the donor's permission. Please note that release of contribution amounts is not permitted, therefore the amount of the donation may not be noted in the PCFO's publication. The PCFO may not use the names of employees who authorized the release of their names if they donated to other participating charitable organizations, even members of the PCFO's federation. For more information see 5 CFR Part 950.601.

Q. Can new hires be asked to give when they join a federal agency even if it is not during the campaign?
A. No. Federal employees may be solicited to give only during the CFC campaign period.

Q. Can the LFCC extend the campaign period based on local circumstances?
A. The LFCC has the authority to determine the campaign period in its area. If an agency needs additional time, the LFCC may grant an extension No campaign may start before September 1 or be extended beyond December 15 without the permission of the Director.