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How to Give

Each fall, millions of Federal employees like you are invited to donate to one or more charities. You choose the amount; you choose the group or groups. A volunteer from your agency will ensure that you receive a catalogue listing the international, national and local charities that are eligible for the CFC. The volunteer will also provide a pledge card that asks you to specify the amount of your gift and the organization(s) to receive your support.

The CFC catalogue includes a brief statement written by each participating group describing its work, a phone number and (usually) Web site you can use to learn more about the charity, and a percentage figure that tells you what portion of the group's total income is spent on management and fundraising activity.

As a CFC donor, you may ask that your name and address be passed along to the group(s) you have decided to support. This is completely voluntary: You may remain anonymous. Do know that charities welcome the chance to thank you for your gift, and many will follow up with newsletters and other information. One word of warning: It can take a good deal of time for the local CFC administrators to collect and pass along the names and addresses, so you may not hear from your selected charities till the spring. Most Federal employees elect to pledge a specific amount to be withheld regularly from their pay beginning in January and continuing through December. One-time gifts are also possible.

The payroll deduction method has many advantages. It is efficient: Workplace giving campaigns are the most cost-effective method to raise funds for charity, and most of what is collected from Federal donors reaches the designated groups. It is also easy: Donors find workplace giving a simple, convenient way to support the charities they care about. The CFC has been around for over four decades. Each year, tens of thousands of charities apply to participate. Only those that meet strict standards of eligibility are admitted.

Over the years, Federal employees have donated billions of dollars to eligible groups. In communities across the country and overseas, Federal volunteers supervise the CFC, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of this worldwide philanthropic effort. In every possible way, the Combined Federal Campaign belongs to you, the Federal employee. To read more about the Early History of the CFC visit