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Why CFC?

The mission of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is to support and to promote philanthropy through a program that is employee-focused, cost efficient and effective in providing all Federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all.

Why CFC – Your Choice

The Combined Federal Campaign belongs to you — the Federal employee. It is a partnership between the employee, the Federal Government and the charitable organizations that benefit all.

CFC is a complete donor choice campaign. You direct your support to charities that work on the issues you care deeply about.

Why CFC – Convenience

CFC is convenient. Most Federal employees elect to pledge a specific amount to be withheld regularly from their pay beginning in January and continuing through December. One-time gifts are also possible.

Workplace giving has advantages. When you choose payroll deduction, you can gift at a higher level and have a small amount deducted each pay period. On average, a payroll gift will be three to five times greater than a one-time gift, so charities can receive more of the critical funding that is needed.

The payroll deduction method has many advantages.

It is efficient: Workplace giving campaigns are the most cost-effective method to raise funds for charity, and most of what is collected from Federal donors reaches the designated groups. Efficient fund raising costs mean that more of your dollars go toward importnat proigrams and help keep charities overhead costs low.

It is also easy: Donors find workplace giving a simple, convenient way to support the charities they care about.

It is consistent: Donations collected through payroll giving are paid to the charities throughout the year. This consistency allows charities to allocate resources, qualify for grant funding, and implement their programs to the hightest extent. It's one of the few revenue sources that charities can actually count on.

Why CFC – Accountability

The Charities you support (through CFC) focus on people who really need help - including the hungry, the homeless, the sick, the disabled, children and families in need, and the environment we live in.

Federal employees review all the charities on an annual basis. Only those that meet high standards can participate in the CFC.

The CFC has been around more than 45 years and has a proven track record for efficiency.