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Campaign Updates

The Center for Naval Analysis held its 43rd annual Combined Federal Campaign Kickoff in unique fashion.  Read all about the event and their campaign plans in the article below.

Send us your creative campaign updates to show us how you are being creative in Making It Possible to connect people with their favorite local, national and international charities.



CFC's involvement with the nonprofit sector is not limited to direct financial support. Each campaign is run by a volunteer group of Federal employees who work with experienced nonprofit executives in their communities to generate contributions and distribute them to eligible charities. This also provides an opportunity for Federal workers to become involved in their communities and to have their giving and volunteering efforts viewed as a direct extension of their commitment to public service.


Why CFC?

The mission of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is to support and to promote philanthropy through a program that is employee-focused, cost efficient and effective in providing all Federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all.

Why CFC – Your Choice

The Combined Federal Campaign belongs to you — the Federal employee. It is a partnership between the employee, the Federal Government and the charitable organizations that benefit all.


How to Give

Each fall, millions of Federal employees like you are invited to donate to one or more charities. You choose the amount; you choose the group or groups. A volunteer from your agency will ensure that you receive a catalogue listing the international, national and local charities that are eligible for the CFC. The volunteer will also provide a pledge card that asks you to specify the amount of your gift and the organization(s) to receive your support.


The 1990s

Starting in the fall of 1986 and continuing throughout 1987, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) met with various interested parties including local federal officials and representatives of the voluntary agencies and the federations. During the course of these discussions OPM identified six areas of immediate concern:



Up through the 1970's, the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) was a relatively non-controversial program in terms of the charities allowed to participate. Growth in the number of participating national charities was slow -- from 23 in 1969 to only 33 in 1979.


A "Combined" Campaign

By 1961, President Kennedy had determined that the program was well-enough established that the President's Committee on Fund Raising within the federal service could be abolished. He did so and assigned the program to John W. Macy, Jr., Chairman of the Civil Service Commission, by Executive Order 10927.



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