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Donors FAQ

Special Solicitations During Emergencies and Disasters

Q. What is a special solicitation?
A. Federal regulations, set forth at 5 CFR §950.102 PDF Format [90KB], state that the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the only authorized solicitation of employees in the Federal workplace on behalf of charitable organizations. Under an exception in this regulation, the Director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) may grant permission for special solicitations of Federal employees, outside of the CFC, in support of victims in cases of emergencies and disasters. All requests must be made in writing and sent to:


Speakers / Tours

Q. Can charitable organizations (local) speak about their programs at CFC events?
A. Yes. Charitable organizations should contact their local CFC office for information on CFC events.



Q. Can an Agency Head not allow his/her agency to be involved because they themselves do not believe in CFC?
A. The Combined Federal Campaign was established by Presidential Order. Once a campaign has been established, agency heads may not discontinue solicitation of federal Employees within their agency without the written approval of the Director of OPM.


Loaned Executives

Q. What is the role of a Loaned Executive and how was the program initiated?
A. The Loaned Executive program was initiated in 1971 by Presidential Order. A Loaned Executive is a Federal Employee that is "loaned" by their agency to work on the CFC. The Loaned Executive is usually relieved of all work duties for the period they are working on the CFC. The role of a Loaned Executive is to conduct all solicitations among the federal employees in a campaign area. They are usually trained by the PCFO and work out of the PCFO during the campaign period.



Q. Who can the PCFO call to get answers to questions regarding checks from the US Treasury when the check only has a number to identify the payroll office and not a name?
A. If the PCFO has made every attempt and is unable to locate the correct payroll office they may call OPM on 202-606-2564 or email OPM at DO NOT FORWARD CHECKS TO THE OPM/CFC OFFICE.



Q. If a charitable organization lists with a federation during a campaign, is that federation required to complete the cycle of distribution? If the charitable organization signs up with another federation can the new federation take over distribution payments before the cycle ends?


CFC Donations

Q. What Are The Costs Of The Campaign?
A. Historically, campaign costs nation-wide have averaged ten percent. These funds were spent on printing materials, training volunteers, auditing contributions, and other administrative expenses. All local campaign costs are reviewed and approved by the LFCC governing the local campaign. On average, this cost is low compared with other fundraising campaigns; therefore, every dollar you pledge goes a very long way toward helping others.