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Universal Giving Introduction a Resounding Success

Department of Defense Voluntary Campaign Management Office
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WASHINGTON, Sept. 1, 2015 – The fall 2015 Combined Federal Campaign is the second time that federal employees nationwide can designate to any local organization qualified for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).  Previously, the campaign regulations restricted giving only to local charities serving people in the location of their permanent duty station.  This means if you have a favorite CFC-approved charity in your hometown or another location beyond where you have lived or worked, employees can now give to those organizations in addition to the normal local charity listing.

All campaign regions are offering donors the opportunity to give through Universal Giving—the ability to donate to any national, international, or local charity not denied participation in the CFC.

“In it’s first year, this was a tremendous success,” explained Anthony DeCristofaro, the head of DoD’s voluntary campaign office. Nationally, according to a report issued by the U. S. Office of Personnel Management, designations to local charities increased from 36 percent to 42 percent of overall CFC pledges.  These gifts totaled more than $80 million, an increase of $5 million over local pledges in 2013.

This shows how popular Universal Giving was with CFC donors.  This increase is even more significant, noted Mr. DeCristofaro when you consider that overall giving to CFC in 2014 dropped by 8 percent or $16.5 million.

The print version of the CFC Charity List (known as the “Catalog of Caring” in some regions) will continue to be designed as it has in the past.  It will contain the national and international charity information provided by the OPM and the unique local charity section based on the Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC’s) review of local charity applications.

The “Universal Giving List,” will only be accessed electronically.  This will be the single nationwide list of all local charities and is determined through a combination of all campaigns’ eligibility decisions. It will be compiled from all approved local charities.

OPM will produce and provide on its website ( a “Universal Giving List” in both an online search tool and/or a searchable Portable Document Format (pdf) file. That same expanded file will be used in the CFC module of myPay (  Donors presenting pledge forms with valid charity codes from this list must be processed by all PCFOs. All campaigns must honor their donors’ valid Universal Giving pledges, without regard for the pledging method used.