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Awards and Recognition

PCFOs are responsible for coordinating CFC award and recognition programs, working in consultation with the LFCC and CFC Loaned Executives. Certain criteria (discussed ' below) apply to the scope of the program, eligibility for the award, and cost of the award.

Agency Recognition

It is important to reward and recognize campaign successes. Traditionally, we measure success in three ways: dollars raised, percent participation, and percent payroll deduction. An award structure should stimulate and motivate agencies to conduct results-oriented campaigns in these three dimensions. It is also important to recognize accounts that exceed the average gift and accounts that exceed the increase in goal over the previous year. Other awards that target leadership giving or well-run campaigns can also be established.


Employee Recognition

CFC regulations require that awards be of nominal value. This requirement is not just a CFC requirement, but is also a requirement of the Office of Government Ethics. Federal employees are not authorized to receive gifts and awards, other than those of nominal value. Generally, awards of nominal value are also considered to be minimal for personal tax liability. This principle also applies to any award that is to be presented to recognize an agency's CFC performance. The value is determined either by the cost of manufacturing the award or its fair market value.

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